Spanish to English and English to Spanish
Interpretation & Translation Services
Spanish<>English & Other Languages Upon Request

Certified and Qualified Face-to-Face Interpretation

Medical (consecutive, sight and simultaneous)

Simultaneous Interpretation with Translation Equipment (orientation, conference & training settings)
OPI: Over the Phone Interpretation

VRI: Video Remote Interpretation

Written Translations 

Consent forms, Policies & Procedures, Medical Histories, Educational Material, etc.  
Legal documents such as; contracts, birth, death & marriage certificates and confidential letters
Marketing collateral 

Consulting Services

  • Language Services Department Development & Management at a Healthcare facility (recruitment, training, development and organizational structure) to serve the LEP & Deaf and Hoh population needs
  • Language Access Needs Assessments and Development of Language Access Plans for Healthcare Settings to achieve Regulatory Compliance

According to Section 1557 of the ACA, organizations receiving federal funds must provide "Qualified Medical Interpretation services". 

Facilitating communication for the Limited English Proficiency populations in Healthcare settings